Lemonade gives us the ability to support major change management events with robust learning experiences, and also support more tactical content for niche, or unexpected needs with same week, even same day turnaround.

- Chris G.

Maximize The ROI on Your Tech Investments!

Train Staff. Support Customers. Drive Rapid Adoption.

New technology implementations are disruptive for both your customers and your staff. New tech's convenient. Change isn't.

To drive rapid adoption and maximize the return on your investment you need to bridge the gap between your new tech and the people who are meant to use it. You need to nail your employee experience and your digital customer experience.

To start with, staff need to quickly develop a deep understanding of the new technology, before it’s rolled out to customers, so they’re able to promote and support it.

Customers need effective support. Staff members who are fluent in your new tech and can help through the adoption cycle, and effective self-serve digital customer support.

01 Delightful learning experience

LemonadeLXP’s learning experience is built in the image of today’s most addictive mobile and social games. By positioning your training as a fun and engaging activity, rather than training, LemonadeLXP drives widespread participation and delights staff members.

86% Voluntary participation

02 Delivered in the Flow of Work

Pulling staff members off the floor to teach them about your new tech is disruptive and expensive. Even worse, it’s ineffective. Developing tech fluency takes repetition. And what happens when staff turn over?

LemonadeLXP uses game-based microlearning to deliver bite-sized chunks of highly engaging training content that drives repeat engagement and leads to digital fluency, without costly downtime.

Even better, when new staff join, you don’t have to schedule your trainer to come to branch to teach your staff. Just give ‘em their LemonadeLXP login and watch them go!

-81% Training Cost!

03 Certifiable!

To create an exceptional digital customer experience through your new tech rollout you need a digitally fluent frontline. But with traditional training methods you aren’t aren’t able to spot your digital superstars and slackers. LemonadeLXP lets you easily create, manage, and track certifications so you have an accurate assessment of your new tech readiness. With so much invested in your new tech, you need certified digital ambassadors who can help drive adoption and maximize your ROI.

5x Increase in Staff Certifications!

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How One Nevada Reduced Time to Market on its Q2 Implementation

Delight End-Users with Effective Support

Digital Academytm Delight End-Users with Effective Support

Most FIs struggle to provide effective support for their new technology. Helping customers learn to use new tech isn’t easy, and creating effective support tools is time consuming and expensive. So you’re forced to rely on explainer videos (expensive and a pain to update), online manuals (ineffective and bad for your brand) or PDFs (seriously?).

Digital AcademyTM solves the support problem. Using its rapid authoring tools you can quickly create a searchable and accessible online hub with walkthroughs of your new tech to support customer staff in the flow of work, and end-users on demand, no developers needed!

Down arrow -83% Authoring Time Down arrow -30% Handle Time Up arrow +25% NPS

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