I have learned so much about my new job and I could not have done it without LemonadeLXP!.

- Coral, Teller

Get New Staff Members Roles-Ready Faster!

Provide engaging and effective training for newbies. Then offer support in the flow of work so they have the confidence to kick off their training wheels faster!

Delight new staff members with LemonadeLXP's engaging learning experience. Quickly drive tech stack fluency while making it fun for them to learn your core values, mission, products, and processes.
You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

01 Drive Tech Stack Fluency

New team members can't be productive until they know how to use your tech stack. And they need to use it the right way.

LemonadeLXP has the world's fastest tools for creating walkthroughs of any software or app you can quickly get new team members fluent in your tech stack. Evern better, LemonadeLXP's Digital AcademyTM lets you put copies of those walkthoughs on a searchable hub to support staff in the flow of work.

Increase new staff member confidence with your tech by 93%!

02 Teach culture, mission, & values

Quickly get new team members up to speed on your culture, mission and values with engaging game-based microlearning.

Reduce instructor-led training and cut onboarding costs by 81%

03 Policies & Procedures

Let's face it, policies & procedures aren't the most exciting things to learn about. But still, new peeps have to understand them. LemonadeLXP's AI authoring tools can read your internal documents, find tier salient points and write engaging game-based learning content to make policy and procedure training way less onerous!

77% of staff members reach expert level!

Onboard New Staff Faster!