I have learned so much about my new job and I could not have done it without LemonadeLXP!

- Coral, Teller
 Mergers and Acquisitions

Help Staff Members Transition to The New Org!

Mergers and acquisitions are disruptive for staff and customers. LemonadeLXP can help you turn a stressful time into a delightful experience!

Make it easy and seamless for staff to migrate to the acquiring FI.
Quickly drive fluency in your tech stack, products and processes to ensure new staff are able to deliver an excellent customer experience through your M&A event.

01 Drive Tech Stack Fluency

Moving to a organization often means migrating to a new tech stack. LemonadeLXP is the only learning platform that offers rapid authoring tools so you can quickly creating walkthroughs and simulations of your tech to drive tech stack fluency.

And it gets even better! LemonadeLXP's Digital AcademyTM lets you put copies of those walkthroughs on a searchable hub to support staff in the flow of work. Yup, we've through of everything!

Increase new staff member confidence with your tech by 93%!

02 Drive Products/Services Knowledge

Quickly drive product and services knowledge and empower new staff members to delight customers and drive growth.

Reduce instructor-led training and cut onboarding costs by 81%

03 Policies & Procedures

Who wants to learn about your policies and procedures? Nobody.

Still, new staff members need to understand them. Don’t worry. We got you. LemonadeLXP’s AI authoring tools can read your internal docs, find their salient points and write engaging game-based learning content to make policy and procedure training engaging and fun!

77% of staff members reach expert level!

Onboard New Staff Faster!