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A learning experience your team will love!

Most learning management systems (LMS) prioritize the company's need for a "system of record" over the experience of the learner.

That's why most employees hate LMS training. Their learning experiences lack empathy. LemonadeLXP flips the learning paradigm on its ear by prioritizing users first. For employees, it offers an addictive learning experience that makes training more fun and effective. Its intuitive authoring tools let learning and development professionals create better training content, faster. And its administration portal offers easy content management and more in-depth reporting. Oh, and LemonadeLXP even has tools for customer training.

LemonadeLXP's user-first design drives better learning outcomes, faster for less money. What more do ya want?

Better Learning

LemonadeLXP's learner-first approach ditches slideshows and PDFs in favor of modern training content:
  • Game-based learning
  • Technology walkthroughs
  • Role-play scenarios
  • Curated content from the web
  • Mentoring experiences

While LemonadeLXP's variety of delivery tools make training more engaging and effective, it's the learning experience, built in the image of today's most addictive mobile/social games that keeps learners coming back. Using modern game theory, LemonadeLXP drives distributed practice which accelerates learning, retention, and application.

Rapid Authoring
& Easy Admin

Unlike most LMSs, LemonadeLXP has rapid authoring tools baked in.

LemonadeLXP's admin portal also makes it easy to manage:

  • learners
  • content
  • certifications
  • skills
  • customer support tools


LemonadeLXP's in-depth analytics package provides deep insights about your training, your learners, and your organizations:
  • track engagement & progress
  • monitor skill development
  • measure content effectiveness
  • spot individual/team/organization knowledge gaps
  • report compliance
  • measure business impact

LemonadeLXP's user-first design is revolutionizing corporate training.

By striving to make each user (learner, trainer, and manager) experience better, LemonadeLXP is driving better learning outcomes, faster.




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