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Drive Digital

with LemonadeLXP, the digital growth platform for Fis and fintechs.

We all know banking is going digital.

FIs and fintechs usually focus on the tech, but a human being is at the end of every transaction. What are you doing to nail their digital customer experience and protect your market share?

LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that turns your frontline staff into digital experts, supports staff in the flow of work, and helps customers on-demand (so they don't have to call your contact center!).

If you're:

  • Looking to grow your digital banking business
  • Going through a conversion or new tech rollout
  • Merging with, or acquiring another FI
  • x12


  • +25%


  • +91%

    Digital product

  • 113%

    payment use

Free WhitepaperHow to Turn Your Frontline into Superior Digital Advocates

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Three important reasons staff don't promote digital banking
  • How to address your employees' concerns and change their behavior
  • A proven strategy for turning frontline staff into digital ambassadors
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We built LemonadeLXP to help FIs with the human side of digital transformation. But our clients have applied it in ways we haven't dreamt of.

They're smart like that!

How They MacGyvered It

Digital Adoption

Need to get customers using your new tech? See how.

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Contact Centers

See how LemonadeLXP transforms frontline staff into advisors.

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Drink the Lemonade!

Get the low-down on how LemonadeLXP makes training better.