To drive adoption of our digital banking products, it was critical for our frontline staff to recommend products to clients. LemonadeLXP provides our associates with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to promote our digital products…all while having FUN!

- Mickey, Director of Digital

Accelerate Quote-to-Cash on New Implementations!

Train FI Staff. Support End Users. Drive Rapid Adoption.


Drive Frontline Fluency

Support Digital Customers

Revenue generation is a tough journey in the fintech space. Deals often take years to close, and even then, your job’s still not done.

Just because a financial institution agreed to implement your tech doesn’t mean the partnership will be profitable. Without end-user adoption, returns will suffer. To maximize your return on each financial institution partnership, you need to win their people; their staff and their customers. And now, it’s easier than ever to do that.

LemonadeLXP’s digital growth platform is purpose-built to help your fintech and its financial institution partners maximize the return on your technology investments. Here’s how:

Drive End User Adoption


While marking campaigns will drive awareness of your technology, they aren't the most effective way to drive end-user adoption. The people who aren't using your tech, or are having trouble learning to use it, are visiting your customers' branches and calling their contact centers.

So the best way to convert end-users is to turn the fI's frontline staff into digital experts who can promote and support your tech.

The problem is, most fintechs are using old learning technologies that aren't tooled to teach tech. With so much riding o each implementation, you need a modern learning experience that turns your customers' frontline staff into ambassadors for your tech.

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Turn Yor Frontline into Superior Digital Ambassadors



Purpose Built for Fintechs

Teaching customer staff about your tech is an uphill battle because they associate training with their dreadful compliance experiences.

By positioning new tech training as a fun experience, LemonadeLXP quickly turns your customer's staff members into digital experts who can promote your tech to help drive adoption and maximize usage.

role play
81%Reduction in training Costs
86%Voluntary Participation
+91%Increase in Digital Product Recommendations
support your tech


Promoting your tech to end-users is just the start of the adoption journey. The next challenge is creating a positive digital customer experience for those new users.

Now, you might feel that your tech's so intuitive that you don't need to offer support. But even Apple, the intuitive tech in the planet, provides training and support. That's because they know that bad digital customer experiences prevent growth.


8 Ways Tech Walkthroughs
Drive Fintech Adoption.

Delight End-Users with Effective Support

Digital Academytm Delight End-Users with Effective Support

Most FIs struggle to provide effective support for their new technology. Helping customers learn to use new tech isn’t easy, and creating effective support tools is time consuming and expensive. So you’re forced to rely on explainer videos (expensive and a pain to update), online manuals (ineffective and bad for your brand) or PDFs (seriously?).

Digital AcademyTM solves the support problem. Using its rapid authoring tools you can quickly create a searchable and accessible online hub with walkthroughs of your new tech to support customer staff in the flow of work, and end-users on demand, no developers needed!

Down arrow -83% Authoring Time Down arrow -30% Handle Time Up arrow +25% NPS

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