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Use Case

Turn Contact Center Reps Into Advisors

Contact Center reps can do more than just answer questions.

Unlike other learning platforms, LemonadeLXP's learning experience is engaging and fun. Reps enjoy the training experience so they can learn faster.

Even better, LemonadeLXP gives them tools to make their job easier and more enjoyable which helps reduce turnover.

Product Knowledge

LemonadeLXP's rapid authoring tool lets you create technology walkthroughs and product tours in minutes, not weeks.

Walkthroughs and tours help reps master your tech so that they develop the knowledge and confidence they need to promote and support.

Service Experts

The problem with most learning platforms is that their learning experiences lack empathy.

They focus solely on pushing out organizational messaging, offering little value, and less context, for the learner. So learners dread training, making it less effective and reducing its value to the organization.

LemonadeLXP improves learning outcomes using addictive microlearning. By making the learning experience fun, learners take training more frequently and they're more focused during training sessions. The end result? Better learning outcomes, faster.

Soft Skills

Once your reps have a deep understanding of your products and services, they're better prepared to advise customers. The last piece of the puzzle is developing their soft skills.

LemonadeLXP's role-play scenarios provide contact center reps with a risk-free environment to apply their new product/service knowledge. Role-play scenarios challenge reps to spot opportunities to recommend your products and services within typical customer conversations.

LemonadeLXP is changing the way FIs train their contact center reps.

Using a potent recipe of addictive microlearning, technology walkthroughs, and role-play scenarios, LemonadeLXP delivers a modern learning experience that makes contact center reps more effective, faster.




Cost savings v.
traditional training


Faster onboarding


Digital product


Call handling times

Rep Feedback


Of reps say digital
fluency improved


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to other training


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training in LemonadeLXP


Of reps felt LemonadeLXP
was more effective


Case Study

How a Client Transformed Contact Center Reps

As part of their ongoing digital transformation initiative, one of our clients needed to train their contact center reps on their new processes and technologies.

Reps needed to understand how their bank was transforming and what that meant for the bank's customers. And, of course, they also needed to learn how to use our client's new tech.


Our client had several different contact center locations, so instructor-led training would be expensive and logistically challenging. They needed an effective way to train a distributed workforce.

First, they naturally considered using their learning management system (LMS), but they quickly realized it wasn't the right tool for the job...for a number of reasons:

  • -It lacked modern tools for technology training
  • -Its tracking and analysis capabilities were limited
  • -They had serious questions about its effectiveness

They realized that their LMS lacked the features they needed, but also, its learning experience wasn't going to cut it. Digital transformation training offers little value to employees. It doesn't help them advance in their careers, and it's mostly about how they need to change...and people don't generally like change.

So yeah, they needed a learning platform with modern tools and features, but more importantly, they needed a compelling learning experience that would drive daily voluntary engagement and learning.


Our client chose LemonadeLXP to power their contact center transformation training because it was the only platform that had everything they needed:

  • A compelling learning environment to prompt daily training sessions
  • Rapid authoring tools for technology training
  • Microlearning that could be delivered within the flow of work
  • Deep analytics to measure business impact
Ya know, all the stuff we say on our home page!


We probably wouldn't have written this customer story if the program sucked, right?

Our client saw a 28% reduction in call handling times, a 39% increase in digital product knowledge, and 87% of the contact center reps said the training was more effective than their LMS.

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