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Drive Digital Adoption

Driving customer adoption of new technology requires strategy.

The need to create awareness is clear, but what then? How do you convince customers to take the first step? Do you have the right tools in place to support their journey?

LemonadeLXP is the only learning platform that has a full suite of digital adoption tools specifically designed to tackle these issues. We give FIs what they need to create awareness, drive trial in a safe space, and provide effective support.

Frontline Training Tools


Your frontline staff are uniquely positioned to help drive awareness of your new technologies because they're having conversations with customers who will use traditional channels.

The problem is, people don't like to learn about new tech. LemonadeLXP uses addictive microlearning and technology walkthroughs to give your staff the knowledge and confidence they need to recommend your digital products to customers.


It's one thing to understand the new tech.

It's another to spot natural opportunities to recommend the products to customers. LemonadeLXP's role-play scenarios turn your staff into digital ambassadors by letting them practice advocacy in a risk-free environment.

Customer Support

Okay, so we've got your employees covered, but what about your customers?

Remember those technology walkthroughs we used to train your staff? LemonadeLXP's Digital Academy automagically generates a branded, responsive, and searchable, customer-facing website so your customers can use the walkthroughs to self help.

LemonadeLXP has all the tools you need to drive digital adoption.

Addictive microlearning and technology walkthroughs to drive employee product knowledge, and the Digital Academy to support customers and frontline staff as they migrate to digital.




Cost savings v.
traditional training


Faster onboarding


Digital product


Call handling times

Rep Feedback


Of reps say digital
fluency improved


Prefer LemonadeLXP
to other training


Want majority of
training in LemonadeLXP


Of reps felt LemonadeLXP
was more effective


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Case Study

How a Leading Bank Drove Digital Adoption

This Big Green Bank realized their frontline staff was the key to driving customer adoption of their new fintech.

The problem? Their staff wasn't required to bank with Big Green, so they weren't familiar with the tech. Without a deep understanding of the tech, there was no way their frontline staff would be comfortable promoting it to customers.


They looked at using their learning management system (LMS) for the job but quickly realized it wouldn't work:
  • -It didn't have the modern tools they needed for technology training
  • -Content development was slow and rigid
  • -Employees understandably hated the LMS learning experience

Big Green needed a modern learning experience platform with technology training tools baked in. Fortunately for us, there's only one such platform on the market!


Big Green used LemonadeLXP to roll out a modern learning experience on time for the launch of it's new technologies.
We're talkin' fast!

They used LemonadeLXP to author game-based mircolearning content that staff actually enjoyed. Employees used LemonadeLXP's technology walkthroughs to familiarize themselves with Big Green's new tech, and role-play scenarios helped them build confidence in recommending the tech to customers.
By making the learning experience enjoyable, Big Green was able to drive unprecedented participation rates... without making the program mandatory.


LemonadeLXP crushed it.

Staff who participated in LemonadeLXP training were 91% more likely to recommend digital products than those who hadn't completed the training. Call handling times decreased by 24%, and mobile app use increased by 26%.

The program was so successful that other departments were now leveraging LemonadeLXP to tackle their training challenges.

Employees played for hours longer than expected.

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